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September 21, 2007

Little Empress Couture- Elegance for Little Ladies

The holiday season will soon be upon us. Off we will go to special events where pictures are taken that will last a lifetime. Why not indulge a little? Buy your little girl something truly special to wear, like an outfit from Little Empress Couture. Becky, the designer of Little Empress, believes in the finer things. She has a passion for embroidery and Dupoini silk that truly shines through in all her creations. Combine the two and you have some simply divine clothing.

Each item is made by hand using Dupioni silk and embroidery thread. Her designs allow her to let her imagination run wild as she creates clothing that is inspired as well as all out adorable. Every time I look at one of Becky’s new pieces I swoon. While pricey, the amount of work and care that goes into each piece can immediately be seen. The outfits are something out of a fantasy and any little girl would be lucky to own one. The items are true originals and she uses professionally serged seams and French seams.

So maybe you are asking- what is Dupioni silk anyway? Why is it so great? As Becky states, “Dupioni silk is produced when two or more silkworms spin their cocoons closely together. It has a moderately crisp hand, fairly reflective luster, and a knobby texture which sometimes makes the fabric look flawed. But that is the beauty of Dupioni silk! It comes in many vibrant and interwoven colors.”

Any item by Little Empress (especially the new autumn collection!) would make an ideal gift or outfit worn for a special occasion like a wedding, holiday party or for family photos to give as gifts. That is exactly what I plan to do with the outfit that Becky sent to me for review. This gorgeous little fall number begs to be photographed! The rust colored silk pants have an elastic waist and are sized quite nicely. My daughter runs tall and lean, and the pants are perfect on her. The additional embroidery of the word ‘hoot’ on one leg is incredibly sweet and whimsical. The iridescent cream trapeze peasant top has the most precious owl delicately embroidered in the center with a golden beaded beak. It comes complete with a rust colored sash that can be worn with the outfit or not. The fit is great and the ensemble as a whole is quite impressive. The detail work on these items is incredibly fine. The stitching and seams are perfect and the idea to use the Dupioni silk is ingenious! At first it seems so impractical for a child, but once you see these little pieces of heaven you just want to indulge and purchase them.

All Little Empress Couture items are dry clean only and range in price from $16.50-399.99. Items can be custom-fitted and new items are added each season in varying sizes. The Ebay ID is Little*Empress*Couture and items can also be purchased at Becky’s Etsy site here. Mention Mummy's Product Reviews when purchasing any of the items and you can get 10% off!!!