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September 24, 2007

happygreenbee- don't panic, it's organic!

When I dress my daughter my aim is not to have her decked out in the latest designer duds or to look extra girly. Typically I like to put her in something funky, colorful and often gender neutral. I figure it’s the best way for her true self to shine through. I want her to be comfortable too. That is why I was so excited to try out some samples of happygreenbee clothing. From the one of the creators of Burt’s Bees comes a new children’s clothing line full of bold and vibrant colors that are sure to please you and your child.

Happygreenbee, made of organic cotton (read pesticide and herbicide free), not only looks great, but it feels great too. Combine this idea with sustainable earth-friendly manufacturing practices and you are on the right track in my book. Creator, Roxanne Quimby, founded happygreenbee after selling Burt’s Bees and taking a much needed rest. Her need to be ecologically responsible and have children be children first became happygreenbee’s mission and the line’s signature bee-stripe was established. This company prides itself on quality merchandise and it delivers.

The outfit I received consisted of a pair of leggings, a pleated skirt and a shirt all in a soft cotton knit with a light stretch to it. The hems are rolled and all waist bands are covered elastic to make them super comfy. My first thought was how delightfully bright and unconventional the color combinations are and that the knit is very soft and smooth despite being straight out of the box. The sizes run fairly accurately and are categorized by infant and children’s sizes up to age three. My daughter is small and despite the sizes being smaller than what she needed they were not too far off. She’s also a climber and a rough and tumble type girl and the outfits held up well. The fact that the skirt has built in shorts is a great bonus! The knit didn’t pill either despite the abuse it took. I do wish there were a bit more color selections to choose from as the colors I received are not available on the website. Happygreenbee clothing is priced right with tax and shipping picked up by the company as a thank you for choosing organic. These outfits make wonderful gifts for a baby shower where the gender might not be known or for people like me who simply wish to not color code our children according to gender.

Happygreenbee items can be purchased on the website or at various store locations. For prices and more selections please check them out here. You will be happy you did!