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August 6, 2007

Sticky Fingers Bakeries

From Washington State, comes
Sticky Fingers Bakeries fresh, all-natural, quick and easy baked goodies. I had the privilege of taste testing a few of their products and was pleasantly surprised. I am an avid baker and make many items from scratch. While I don’t veto box mixes I don’t typically reach for them either.

First up are the brownies. I was sent three different flavors. I made the Chocolate Fudge and Espresso Fudge brownies for a party to see how they would fare. I found them to each possess a true chocolate flavor and was pleasantly surprised at the soft chocolate chunks embedded within. The Espresso has a nice smoky quality that I enjoyed as did many others and both types were soft and chewy. I made the third flavor, Chocolate Mint, for a dessert for company one night accompanying it with fresh whipped cream. The light mint flavor does not overpower the brownie and tastes fresh. I enjoyed this one the most and would use it again as a cool summer treat.

Next up are the English scones mixes and curds. I received three types of scone batter and two types of curd to try along with the scones. I baked the Pumpkin Spice scones in no time flat. All of Sticky Fingers Bakeries items are not only made from natural ingredients, but easy to make too. Some mixes only require water! In just a short time my kitchen smelled like fresh pumpkin. The moist scones were a delight warm and just out of the oven and just as good a day later when I shared them with friends. The spices are not overpowering and neither is the pumpkin. These scones bake up well and have a wonderful brown color to them making you yearn for fall.

Just adding water I whipped up a batch of the Cranberry scones. In minutes they were hot and ready. The whole family loved the chewy cranberries tucked inside the tender scones. Served hot or at room temperature they were just sweet enough with a hint of tartness from the cranberries. I paired them with the cranberry curd to top them off. This curd seemed very different from the lemon curd. The sweet factor was not there. The cranberry flavor did not shine through as well either. The jar was bypassed by everyone in the family for having a slightly cheesy smell. I actually wonder if I got a bad batch as it seemed a bit off despite its expiration date being in check. The curd is made from only eggs, sugar, cranberries, and xanthium gum. Could it go bad despite being sealed?

I baked and shared the Lemon Ginger scones with friends and family. I also broke out the Lemon Curd. This too is made from all natural ingredients and hits just the right notes of sweetness with tart lemon. I wanted to drink it straight from its cutely packaged jar. My friends and family agreed that the slight heat and spice from the ginger combined with the light lemon made these scones the best of the three.

Sticky Fingers Bakeries makes great products! They are incredibly easy to make, all natural, and fresh. There are no artificial ingredients involved and some are even Kosher. Priced reasonably (around $6 a mix) and of a high quality I would buy these again and even give them as gifts. You can order them directly from Sticky Fingers or find a retailer near you via the Sticky Fingers website.

*NOTE- For some reason blogger is not directing to the Sticky Fingers website. I am truly sorry about this but no fear- it can be found at . Enjoy!