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August 8, 2007

Linda and Harriett Stationary

I love getting mail and I adore stationary. I dutifully write thank you notes, send cards, and I still write to my grandmother. What can I say? I believe that a written note is far superior to an email. When Liz Libre´ of Linda and Harriett sent me some of her beautifully designed notecards I was thrilled!

The cards are made up of a thick Italian paper and hand stamped by rubber stamps with Liz’s own designs. The accompanying envelopes come in a variety of colors from navy to golden yellows. They are simple and elegant and evoke a bygone era. My pet sitter loved Frank, the little alligator thank you card, I gave her from Linda and Harriett deeming it, “too cute”. It is too cute!

Linda and Harriett carries not just letterpressed note cards but a variety of tags for gifts, flats, notepads, and striking invitations. The invitations are hand stamped as well so guests will feel welcomed and excited before they even attend the event. Items can even be personalized which makes them a great gift for kids and adults. All the items by Linda and Harriett are inspired by Liz’s own mother who loved the whimsical, beautiful and the practical. To me, that is the best way to describe these little stationary treasures. No matter what you buy from Liz and Harriett it comes to you with a deeply personal feel to it and that is what makes this line so very special.

Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Linda and Harriett can be found online here and at some fine retailers also featured on the Linda and Harriett website. I would check out her blog (found on main website) too for hints on new items being created and more places to find all the wonderfully creative Linda and Harriet pieces. Designs change from time to time to evoke seasons and places so check back often on both the blog and website.


Liz Libré said...

Thanks Vicky! So glad you like everything!