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August 3, 2007

Friday Fun Find- MonkeyBarTV

MonkeyBarTV is a free website by Hasbro for kids. It features loads of games, videos, and comics for children of all ages to browse and play. The bright colors used will surely attract a kids attention. I know they got mine. I spent about 20 minutes one day playing Star Wars. I duked it out with Obi Wan as I played Anakin. Such fun!

It's not just games like Star Wars, there are sites specifically for girls as well such as, Dream Life and Littlest Pet Shop. There kids can create a magazine, send e-cards, Buddy Loons, and wallpaper for their computer. These are just some of the fun, creative and highly interactive items to choose from on MonkeyBar. Let me tell you there is LOADS to do. Even Trivial Pursuit for kids.

So next time your kids want something new to do on the computer direct them to this safe, kid-friendly website. They'll have hours of fun!