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July 30, 2007

Twelve- noon to midnight

Twelve, the new nonalcoholic, "culinary inspired" drink that is sophisticated and ideal for fine dining and entertaining. When I first laid eyes on the bottle of Twelve I thought, "Oooh how beautiful. How chic. I want that!" The sleek design and light golden orange color commands you to buy it if only for a taste. It is a great non-alcoholic option for parties, lunches, and in restaurants and I wouldn't be surprised if I started to see it offered all throughout D.C. by this time next year. My girlfriend in L.A. thinks it's going to be a total "L.A. Thing" as well. At 60 calories in an 8 oz serving how could it not be?

I tried out Twelve on a group of friends during a girls night and received a variety of comments. At first sip one notices the slight effervescence and its complex flavor. There is nothing like it on the market. It would be an ingenious addition to a spa instead of serving tired lemon slices in water. Fine spas could now serve Twelve! There is a spiciness to Twelve that allows the drink to be crisp at the same time. Each person who tasted it agreed that the end note was that of anise or black licorice but even that is subtle. Organic white, green, and black teas mixed with herbs, spices and a citrus essence make up Twelve and gives it that truly unique taste has a familiarity about it as well.

While I don't think I would order Twelve to go with my noon meal I would find it absolutely refreshing (it's best served very cold) in a spa setting or during cocktail hour if mixed with a splash of vodka or gin. I think the juniper in gin would compliment Twelve exceptionally well.

Twelve is distributed by The Chef's Warehouse in a case of 12 for $60.00. It can also be found at Hello Delicious in a duet pack for only $14.00.