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July 18, 2007

Update- Nankeen's Savanna

I've been using Nankeen's Savanna tote for a few weeks now. I normally carry a giant black bag everywhere with me, but when Anne and the other nice people at Nankeen sent me a second bag I knew I had to toss the giant black one in favor of something lighter, more summery and fresh. That is exactly how I would describe the Savanna. Like the other Nankeen bags it has the same quality and beautiful design. The teal lining is gorgeous and it has two zippered compartments which are incredibly useful. I have used this bag as a purse, a gym bag and a diaper bag in the last few weeks and in the process racked up a lot of compliments.

When I carry my Savanna bag I feel a bit more carefree as I'm running around with child in tow and that means a lot to any woman. Check out more of Nankeen's bags, totes, and pillows here.