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July 20, 2007

Fantabulous Friday's- Mom Essentials- Revolution Health

A friend sent me a link to this site recently and as I poured over it I not only found it to be a good source of general health information, I really liked the Mom Essentials section.

If you register with Revolution Health you can create a handy health portfolio of your own including travel planning sheets and insurance information. There are communities to join and you are able to post on a varity of topics. There's even a store. The best part to me though is really the Mom Essentials. It asks, "Who are you taking care of?" and breaks everything down by age group. The Mom's Resource Center in the next column deals with all the important issues and questions we Mom's have on a daily basis. It's a great wealth of information!

So even if you are a Mom or not, check out Revolution Health. The regular updates on medical technology, newsworthy items, including that chili dog recall, are really good to have on hand. Mark it as a 'Favorite' today.