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July 17, 2007

Note Worthy-enail Supply

I have been on a product loving binge lately. The bug has bitten and I've been cruising the net looking for deals, fun finds, and new items to review the last few days with a vengeance. This is one noteworthy little item I found.

enail Supply. Go there and you will not be sorry. Not only does this website contain all the leading brands of professional nail polish and tools they have a great search engine and you can browse by manufacturer or brand. They even have the all important clearance section. OPI? They have it. Creative Nail? They have that one too. Beyond nail products and colors, enail Supply carries self-tanner, Evian spray, and many types of waxing supplies. They are a true purveyor of women's nail and waxing items.

My favorite part of the site though is the 'Nail Polish Shade Selector'. It breaks down all the colors by categories such as reds, Burgundy's, and best-selling just to name a few. I wish all sites did this. enail Supply will definitely be added to my list of favorites.


Anonymous said...

DON'T shop at They sent me the wrong order and ignored my attempts to correct it. They do not answer phone calls or e-mails. They kept my money and ripped me off!!!

Anonymous said...

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