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July 27, 2007

Fantabulously Fun Find- The Succulent Wife

I have this friend who is an amazing gift-giver. A present from her is sure to be unique. You come away from the unwrapping wondering if she commissioned an artist to make a gift just for you. Gift cards are not part of her repertoire. So when it's time to buy a gift for her I often feel like I must go to the ends of the earth searching until I find one that is just right.

Then I found The Succulent Wife. It's an artist featured company and all the artists are women. You can shop by occasion, artist, or by category. They have great sales and they'll even wrap the gift too. Gift giving at The Succulent Wife is an art form. They have jewelry, bath, children's items, fashion accessories, and so much more. It is an experience alone to browse the website and find that perfect gift. What's more you know you are supporting the creativity of a female artist and passing on not just an inspired work of art but the gift of spiritedness and succulence as well.