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July 3, 2007

PBN- Nozin Review

Parent Bloggers Network

“Sooo… what’s it like?” I asked.

“I felt like I was doing drugs” said my husband.

Nozin, the homeopathic nasal swab guaranteed to be 99.98% effective at fighting off colds (for up to 8 hours) and other nasty germs. I had received the sample from the Parent Bloggers Network right before we were set to go out on a long road trip. At the last minute only my husband went and I sent him off with the cute pocket-sized plastic travel pack (10 2 ml pre-filled swabs equals 10 doses) to swab away in our nation’s airports. He used a swab each day he was there networking in banquet rooms full of people, shaking hands, and wining and dining. You know what? He came home fine. Not even a smidgen of a sniffle.

“Drugs huh?” I couldn’t fathom what he meant until I cracked open the pack of Nozin myself and read the directions. Instantly, I knew. It’s the flicking of the swab to get the solution “cloudy”. Makes you feel you are getting ready to take a hit of something. Curious, I flicked and swabbed.

“Ooh, that is some intense orange! I dig it!”

I have a bit of an addictive personality so I took to these things like a duck to water. I swabbed diligently before heading to the gym. I happily swabbed before a wedding and weekend full of family inhaling that heady citrus scent. Normally after a weekend of little sleep and lots of people I would come home sick. Not this time.

A week later I woke up and noticed I was getting sick. Stuffy head, nasal congestion and a sore throat were beginning to take hold. I pulled out my trusty Nozin, swabbed, and I was fine the next day. No more congestion, no runny nose or sore throat. Nozin really works!

The nose is the biggest place for an infection to invade the body. So what is smarter than preventative medicine for that area? I didn’t get sick despite days of using the germy tread mills and weight machines. My nose was a veritable fortress against the germs of the daycare and numerous wedding guests. The only problem I had with it was that it took an incredible amount of flicking time to get the solution cloudy. I resorted to shaking the tubes instead of flicking. However, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to use plant-based, natural products, travels, or just like preventative medicine. Nozin is my new Airborne.

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