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June 29, 2007

Fun Finds Friday!

Hate Mail. No one likes to get it. Unless of course, it's from Carol Lee Designs. Her cute snarky cards and stationary will not only give you a bit of a giggle but perhaps embolden you to leave a card or two on a car windshield of someone who "drives like an idiot". Yes, she has that card too.

It's not just the fun stationary with life's little reminders (Be True to You) there are gift tags, buttons, and the gorgeous stylings of her Junk Mail. So check out Carol Lee Designs today. She even does bulk orders which is great for cards and invites alike!

Carol Lee Designs can also be found at Etsy. Use the following promo code: mummysnark25 until July 13th for 25% off your total order (not including bulk packages or shipping)!