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July 9, 2007

PBN- Body, Soul, and Baby by Tracy W. Gaudet, M.D.

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Dialoguing and Dreamagery. These two words make me cringe. The beginning of the book, ‘Body, Soul, and Baby’, by Tracy W. Gaudet, M.D. asks women to turn their attention inward and focus on their souls asking it questions relating to their pregnancies. It was all a bit much for this literal soul. I thought back to my pregnancy and how I viewed it and what was going through my mind at that time. It was then that I realized I actually did some dialoguing and dreamagery daily. I just didn’t have a name for it. I guess I am a bit more in touch with my soul and body than I thought.

As I continued to read this incredibly comprehensive guide to pregnancy it really brought me back to all those books I pored over while I myself was pregnant. I began to seriously dialogue with myself regarding my thoughts on having another child. “Was I really ready?” “ What was stopping me from taking the plunge a second time?” By using the reflection and observation exercises (Quick Pic or Body Scan) in the preconception chapter I figured it out. My soul is a bit more at rest now as is my brain. I know my reasons and found that once I had them organized I could convey them easily to my spouse, who is ready for another child.

‘Body, Soul, and Baby’ is like a journey, like pregnancy itself. Gaudet presents all the options for you in detail explaining them in a non-judgmental voice that is refreshing. There is no definitively right and wrong way to become pregnant, go through pregnancy and give birth. The book begs you to ask yourself the questions, “What is the best way for me to go through this process?” “Am I doing what I need to do to be healthy and prepare my body for possible pregnancy?” “What are ALL my options in this process?” and “What sort of medical treatment and birth do I want?” Each of the seven sections is broken down into categories such as ‘Reflection and Observation’, ‘The inside Scoop’, ‘Medical Care’, and ‘Self-Care’. Having the book layed out like this, sets it apart from so many other guides to pregnancy. I particularly appreciated Guadet’s approach using CAM, the integration of complementary and alternative medical practices. Many books typically go one way or the other.

‘Body, Soul, and Baby’ at first freaked me out. I wanted to run for the hills with its touchy feely approach. Once I realized that in my own way I actually do these things and accepted it, I found this book to be a terrific resource. It’s perfect for anyone who is thinking about getting pregnant, wants to be pregnant and IS pregnant. I learned so much about how I view motherhood and pregnancy as well as lots of information regarding the medical, nutrition, and preconception side of it. ‘Body, Soul, and Baby’ is all about frame of not just a person’s mind, but the journey of life and the questions we ask ourselves in the process.

I will definitely recommend this book to other women and friends for it’s truly an interesting read and impeccable resource. I will use it again whenever it is that my body and soul are ready to have another child. ‘Body, Soul and Baby’ by Tracy Gaudet, MD is an excellent way to ignite a stronger bond with your own body and soul and your baby.

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