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July 11, 2007

CUSTOM MONSTER by NissaLisa Designs

Friendly monsters smile at you with wide eyes. Soft and broken in shirts look like a beloved piece of clothing despite being right out of the package.
NissaLisa Designs creates t-shirts, onesies, towels and blankets with monsters that are not only cute and fun, but they add a special sense of whimsy that many kids clothes lack.

I immediately fell in love with the idea of a Custom Monster which the company offers on the Etsy website (just type in Custom Monster on Etsy). The idea is genius. Have a shirt or article of clothing that has a stain or tear in it? Perhaps you just don’t like the look of the shirt in general and it needs jazzing up. Then pick out a monster and send that ugly little onesie to NissaLisa! Nissa will sew the adorable monster on the offending piece and send it right back to you. The whole process took less than a week! Just like that you have a new shirt!

My daughter wore her “new” onesie, a sad shade of green, now perfected with the little Stella monster sewn on it, to a Fourth of July party. It was a hit with not just the kids but even the adults. One person remarked it was, “the coolest onesie!” he had ever seen. It is. She loves wearing it too. She looks down at little Stella and smiles. She rubs her monsters face and laughs saying, “moonsta” each time.

NissaLisa Designs are easy to care for by using a machine wash cold, lay flat to dry or dry on low heat, iron if needed. That works just fine. After the party that shirt was pretty banged up, but it came out like new again with not a single stray thread hanging off little Stella. I was quite pleased. The craftsmanship is excellent.

Head on over to the NissaLisa website on Etsy to see not just cute kids clothing, but some great gift ideas and at reasonable prices. The Custom Monster is fun and only $20! Who can beat that?