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July 16, 2007

Zosimos Botanicals- “Handcrafted Mineral Cosmetics and Skincare”

After discovering Zosimos Botanicals I was giddy to try their products. I am continuously trying to find safe, eco-friendly items for myself and my home. All of Zosimos products are created in small batches right there in the Gaithersburg, Maryland workshop. No talc, parabens, or animal testing is used. That makes me happy! They use all natural ingredients including high quality herbs, natural waxes and plant oils just to name a few. I was intrigued. The nice people at Zosimos obliged and sent me an array of their fine products.

Brand new to the Zosimos Botanicals line is The Jasmine White Tea perfume stick. My initial reaction is that this compact (easy to take with you anywhere!) perfume has a light scent. I rubbed it on before the gym and continued to smell it during my workout. I love how easy it is to not only transport, but how it rolls on smoothly and has a nice staying power. The .7 ounce twist up tube retails for $5 which is a steal. It would make a great stocking stuffer, compliment to a gift bag or even your own purse!

Body Butters- I tried three different scents. The butters are thick and smooth. They glide on well and keep your skin super moist all day. They are sheer, silky and not perfumey. The scents smell like they should, natural, and do not have and overly done cloyingness. The Cucumber Melon smells like freshly chopped cucumbers from the farmers market with a hint of melon sweetness. The Lemonzest was refreshing and light. I paired the Lemonzest with the White Jasmine perfume stick one day creating this deeper musk scent that I couldn’t get enough of. I am not a fan of rose scented things, but I liked the English Rose body butter because it had a freshly cut rose scent. There was no hidden powdery smell that comes with many rose scented products. The body butters come in many different scents so check out the Zosimos website.

Honey Citrus Sugar Scrub- This scrub has all the great qualities of other brown sugar scrubs on the market. Its enticing aroma made me want to devour it. I found the whole thing delish! The grains are larger than most scrubs, but the natural humectants from the honey and the essential oils make it a great post-shave/end of shower moisturizer. I was quite pleased with how my legs no longer itched after shaving like they normally do and were incredibly smooth and exfoliated. Plus my whole bathroom smelled yummy!

Bug Away Spray- Well, I just can’t say enough about this one. At first it has a strong citronella scent, but it goes away completely in just minutes. No more smelling like nasty bug sprays chemicals with Bug Away! I wondered how good it could be though without all those chemicals and only being made up from three ingredients- apple cider vinegar, citronella oil, and witch hazel. I sat outside at dusk, prime time for mosquitoes, and talked on the phone for over an hour. At the end I checked and I was bite-free! Not only that, but there were four fat mosquitoes just hanging out next to me yet repelled by me. It really worked!

Brazilian Rainforest Spray- The precious and exotic oil, Andiroba oil, from the Amazon forest, is used to make up this insect repellent. Bergamot and Eucalyptus oils are also added to complete the spray. I found the Brazilian Rainforest Spray to work just as well as the Bug Away Spray. I took it out on a night time picnic and my whole family used it. Hours later and after dark no one had a bite on them. I was and am amazed!

Zosimos Botanicals, approved for the planet and people, has been awarded the Business Seal of Approval by Co-op America. Zosimos Botanicals provides not just great all natural products, it is listed with the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, and its facility is powered by 100% clean wind energy. Linda Stein, Formulator and Founder of Zosimos Botanicals, truly has something to be excited about and proud of. The products not only benefit the people who use them but also the environment which earns a BIG seal of approval from Mummy’s Product Reviews too.

*All Zosimos Botanical’s products come in varying sizes, including pocket and sample size, and range in price. Check the website for more fabulously green and downright fabulous products and prices.


angel said...

Hi, how long ago did you order the Jasmine White Tea perfume and the Cubumber Melon butter? It seems they no longer carry these items.

Victoria said...

@angel - the review for those products was conducted in 2007 (see original post date at top of review) so they might have discontinued those types of products.

Bec229 said...

I first tried Zosimos Botanicals Primer Prep in March of 2010 - and liked it. Unfortunately, my second purchase in October of 2010 wasn't quite as successful. I first called ahead to find a darker shade, and was advised on the color. After I bought it and it was delivered to my home, I found it was a lighter shade instead (and now too light for me to use).

And worse yet, I found the October primer preps to burn and itch my skin!

When I contacted the company, I was told that no one there would have given me such color advise, becaue they all know better. (Apparently not!) I was also told that the formula hadn't changed between March and October. Yet, my skin still had a negative reaction to the most recent purchase only.

I also tried two of the bug sprays over the summer. I didn't find either of them to be very effective.

My search for the perfect cosmetics continues.

mb said...

love their blush, wrote a review on it