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July 25, 2007

Lush- Blonde Solid Shampoo and Marilyn Hair Treatment

Lush’s Blonde Solid Shampoo bar(a bright yellow block of shampoo infused with actual chamomile flowers) promises “soft, shiny traffic-stopping hair”. While I haven’t stopped any traffic in my suburban realm my hair is decidedly softer and shinier. It also lightened up my roots a little bit in the process. Having never used a shampoo in bar form before I didn’t quite know what to expect, I love the light and natural scent though, so I knew my hair would smell nice regardless. I took the bar and rubbed it on my hair and found it lathered quite well. My hair was squeaky clean. That is the only drawback. You probably shouldn’t use Blonde Solid Shampoo bar every day. Use it a few times a week at most and then apply a heavy dose of conditioning to your scalp. I did notice is that people with really light blonde hair will have immediate and noticeable results. I was out of shampoo for my daughter and opted for the Lush bar as its all natural (organic lemon juice, chamomile, and marigold work their mojo here) and less harsh on her little crown of toddler hair than the salon brand sitting in my shower. Later that day as she played outside a friend remarked how she looked much more blonde than the day before. “Fascinating”, I murmured and laughed. I told them what happened and her hair really was lighter and even softer if that is possible with baby fine hair.

In desperate need to cover my roots and postpone a long and expensive salon visit I also tried Lush’s Marilyn Hair Treatment. This pot of goo can be applied to roots or your whole head. I’ve used it three times and let it really sit on my hair. Lush suggests sitting in the sun to maximize results but I never quite found the time with the aforementioned toddler and all. The result was indeed slightly lighter roots and a refresh on my chemically applied highlights. The highlights were much more blonde. Like all other Lush products, Marilyn is all natural and made up of chamomile, lemon, saffron and the all important softener and brightener linseed mucilage that all work together to create an easy to use and gentle hair lightening product. Read NO CHEMICALS!

I already loved other Lush products and I will continue to use both the Blonde Shampoo Bar and the Marilyn Hair Treatment. They are subtle on me, but they do work and help to preserve my highlights longer and keep my roots a lot less scary.

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