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July 23, 2007

John Kelly Chocolates-Truffle Fudge Bars

Rich, creamy, smooth and balanced. All words that easily sum up the experience of eating a John Kelly Truffle Fudge bar. And it is exactly that, an experience. I love chocolate and I’ve tried many, many kinds in my day and these are by far one of the best. I now crave them on a regular basis sadly my waistline won’t allow it.

The wonderful and possibly sinful (they are that good) people at John Kelly Chocolates sent me the twelve 2-ounce truffle fudge bar box. It arrived at my front door wrapped in cold packs that when pulled away revealed a beautifully wrapped box. Excellent gift idea I thought to myself. Now let’s see how they taste.

I tried each and every one of those twelve truffle fudge bar flavors. I even decided I could be benevolent enough to share these high-quality, fresh little goodies with friends and family. All the flavors are quite excellent in their own way. The dark chocolate has a very deep, rich, buttery flavor to it that I adored. Despite not being a fruit and chocolate person I did enjoy the Orange without Nuts and Raspberry without Nuts. The light and sweet outer layer of semi-sweet chocolate is quite pleasing especially when contrasted with bars like caramel and vanilla. The inside of each truffle fudge bar is soft and decadent beyond compare. The flavors are natural and offer a luxuriant buttery taste that manages not to overpower the bars original intent. My taste buds could not get enough and my brain shouted, “Wow!” on more than one occasion, which doesn’t do the bars justice. Each flavor whether it’s Mint Chocolate or Cappuccino with Walnuts is blended superbly and has a good flow to the flavor. I highly recommend John Kelly Truffle Fudge Bars for you, as a gift, and again as a treat for yourself. I know some of my friends who sampled them have already placed orders.

John Kelly offers a wide range of gourmet fudge and truffle fudge bars in varying sizes and prices that are comparable to other high end chocolatiers. For more information on flavors, prices, and gift options, visit their site here.


Suma said...

Hi, the John Kelly offer of a wide range of gourmet fudge and truffle fudge bars in varying sizes and prices are really great and delicious...

suma valluru