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June 13, 2007

Mallory Lewis Talks Phonics 4 Babies

I recently spoke with Emmy winner (Outstanding Writing in a Children’s Series) Mallory Lewis. Mallory is the voice of Lamb Chop. You know that cute little lamb puppet many of us grew up with. As a kid I was obsessed with that darling mink lashed lamb. I spoke with her about her new venture, Phonics 4 Babies, Unleash the Genius in Your Child. It’s a brand new children’s DVD series aimed at getting your tot to talk.

First Impressions- (Me: nervous as hell and trying to not stutter)
Mallory instantly struck me as warm and friendly. Despite my nervousness she easily answered my questions and was loads of fun to chat with. This woman knows what she is talking about. She has been involved in writing, publishing, and television since she was twelve.

I asked her how she got involved with the Phonics 4 Babies program and what drove her to it. She described how she worked as a writer for her mother Shari’s (the original voice of Lamb Chop) children’s show and was pregnant with her son at the time. She noticed that there was not a whole lot of quality programming on TV for kids. Television lacked “warm, mother child modeling adults on screen” and adults who were not embarrassed to educate. “There are a lot of aggressive shows on today”, she stated. She pointed out that “children learn by hearing and babies need to talk earlier, they need the gift of speech and communication sooner. The power to communicate along with positive reinforcement from parents is a great basis for bonding within a family.”

I whole heartedly agree with Mallory on this one. When we as a family unit are firing on all cylinders and communicating well and/or finally understanding what it is our daughter wants life is pretty smooth sailing.

The six DVD series, Phonics 4 Babies, describes Mallory as a “mommy role model”. She plays Mom to Giggles a cute pink Tummy Tot puppet. Giggles, has a lot to learn about life and has fun in the process. Partner Joe Giangrosso came up with the songs in the series and the idea. The first 300 words that children are taught in the series is a wonderful “foundation for education” as Mallory puts it. The series uses letter and object identification, vowels and consonants combined and a whole lot more. Each episode is packed with exciting moments full of learning. These DVD’s I learned are also a good idea for teaching children English as a second language. They create an atmosphere while viewing them that displays positive reinforcement from parents as well.

Throughout the interview, Mallory sang samples of songs from the series such as “Bath Time” and “Cookies and Milk”. She easily rattled off many of the language lessons that the series offers and interjected examples of how quickly kids catch on. I agree. After only two viewings my daughter began saying ‘hi’ just like the Tummy Tots and Giggles do in the first DVD.

The most important thing to Mallory when it comes to Phonics 4 Babies is the interpersonal relationships and the parent/child model that can be utilized by both parents and kids. She stressed that it is important to her to pass on that part of her to the future and to families. Her belief in this product was evident in her enthusiasm and warmth. I walked away from the interview excited about the DVD’s coming to our home and smiling about what a pleasure it was to meet Mallory and speak with her.

To learn more about the DVD series, Phonics 4 Babies, stay tuned on this site. The review will be up shortly.

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