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June 15, 2007

Phonics 4 Babies

Phonics 4 Babies is a video series that features “playful puppets, animation and sing-a-long songs to help your child build a foundation for early speech development.” Add Emmy award-winning Mallory Lewis, puppet Giggles and the Tummy Tots crew to the mix and you have yourself a series of DVD’s that are like baby crack. They work too by the way.
As soon as I turned on the first DVD my daughter was glued to the screen. She bounced in her chair and laughed excitedly at the introduction to the series. This is a “warning” that tells parents that children viewing this show might be prone to high language skills, mastery of the English language and could turn into the future President of the United States. There are six DVDS in the series and all are jam-packed with quick educational segments. The series teaches important lessons like saying ‘hello’, which my daughter did for the first time after only two viewings. They are asked to find a certain object in a group. Letters, numbers, colors and more are all displayed and taught through the use of creative, fun songs. Mallory Lewis and Giggles serve as the parent/child models throughout.
Each time a new object, like a bar of soap or a sink was presented, my daughter would ask, “Dat?” By watching Mallory and Giggles interact as parents and children do she is learning manners, seasons, different types of emotions, and games. The series is immense fun all while teaching children important lessons on good behavior, counting, animals, and the alphabet. I like watching them with her because she finds the whole process so enjoyable. She is riveted throughout and now immediately goes to the TV when asked if she wants to watch ‘Giggles and Mally’. The premise of the series is to teach children vowels, consonants, shape and letter identification in a smart and yet very simple way. There is repetition but it’s not overdone. Each segment is quick and to the point while displaying bright colors and a fascinating background. For parents there is the added bonus of “talks” between Lewis and Dr. Karen Kovacs North Ph.D, who is a clinical and educational advisor. Lewis asks important developmental and behavioral questions that are on a lot of parent’s minds. Kovacs answers them easily and without too much complicated information.
What makes Phonics 4 Babies different from other educational DVD series, is not just that they hold my daughters attention, but that the series really does engage babies and toddlers in early speech while providing a fresh music sound and form of entertainment. Quite simply Phonics 4 Babies has been a huge hit in our house and one that we enjoy watching with our daughter as well.

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