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June 11, 2007

Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair- Beach Waves

"Tousled Wave Spray. Sexy on or off the beach. Create a tousled, "beachy" look with heat-activated conditioning."

Summertime brings to mind days full of sun, fun, and sometimes badly deflated, limp hair. Fekkai's 'Beach Waves' promises that tousled beach look for your hair all the while protecting it from the harsh sun, chlorine and saltwater. I was intrigued. Who doesn't want sexy tousled beach hair?

The directions say that Beach Waves can be applied to damp or dry hair. I opted first for the damp hair. This did not work out despite it being a heat activated product and I dried it with my hair dryer. My hair turned crunchy and not all that wavy. More stringy than anything else. I put my hair up in a ponytail instead. The next day, not giving up, I used it on my dry hair. I was quite surprised. I have baby fine hair that has a slight bit of wave to it. Beach Waves made my hair pleasingly wavy and fun. It really does look like I spent the day at the beach! There is a coconut scent that is fairly strong and perfumey. You will smell it all day long. I don't mind it though if it means I have actually decent spray and go hair. The more I use Fekkai's Beach Waves, the more I like it. It is a fun treat for your hair and goes perfectly with summertime.

Frederic Fekkai's Beach Waves retails for $20 for a five ounce bottle. I purchased mine from for the same price.