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June 27, 2007

Nankeen Style!

Shh… it’s an ancient Chinese art form. It is traditional yet contemporary. The quality and high attention to detail is beyond compare. Vibrant, hand printed and irresistibly beautiful, it is Nankeen.

What is Nankeen? Nankeen is style. It’s elegant, simple and timeless. Using an old Chinese art form Anne Page has created some incredibly gorgeous bags and pillows. There are totes, big bags, darling clutch purses and all in unique designs and fabrics. Seriously. Each bag is unique. By using a three thousand year old paste-resistant process Page has created a line of fashionable yet earth and art conscious purses and pillows that render each item different and beautiful.

That being said it was with extreme delight and much squealing that I opened the big white box from Nankeen. The bright pink tissue surrounding the wonderful piece of artwork makes such an impact. The gift wrapping is well done and thoughtful right down to the hand written note. When I parted the tissue I found the lovely ‘Song’ bag (retails at $235) just for me. It’s gigantic! The bag, one of the ‘Big Bags’ from Nankeen, is large enough for an overnight trip. It could even be used as a diaper bag/Mommy carryall. I personally like taking mine for long car trips and to the pool. I can easily stuff three beach towels, snacks, drinks, sun block, and a few pool toys inside with room to spare. The bright pink lining makes me smile each time I open the bag with its two convenient and zippered compartments. I find them so handy for those small items I don’t want to lose. The traditional blue and white patterns wear extremely well. The bags get softer with use. “Just like your favorite pair of blue jeans!” says, Page. It’s true. The more I use mine the more I love it and the softer it feels.

Buying a Nankeen bag or pillow is more than just a fashion statement. It’s saying to the world that you care about fair labor practices, preserving an art form, and are environmentally conscious. Page and her staff work hard to deliver these products and this tradition. Beautifully done I say!

I love them so much and I can’t wait to pick up my next Nankeen bag. I’m going for the Savanna! To learn more about Nankeen and their style or just simply view these beautiful bags and pillows head to Nankeen.


Judy Graves said...

Lovely work!! I was so happy to see my grand daughter as part of the write up. When I first saw her photo coming out of the BIG BAG I immediately had interest- wondered where Kelly got it, so glad she has a friend who makes a fashion statement, but is also practical and has our economical future in mind.