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May 31, 2007

Tom's of Maine - Unscented Deoderant

Recently I was traveling and I realized my cute, perfect little travel sized deodorant had expired. Do I dutifully look at my deodorant's expiration date? Of course not! I didn't even know it existed! It was as I was rolling it on, more like sand paper on skin, that I noticed. Awful. I chucked it and headed to the store to pick up something new. It's summer, I can't have stinky pits.

Stinky pits indeed. In an effort to try and live more 'green' I've been converting our products into green ones. When something runs out I try to find a good green or natural alternative. Just trying to live a cleaner existence is all. So I pick up 'Tom's of Maine' Unscented deodorant. I love their toothpaste, mouthwash, and other items. Year's ago I used their Rose scented deodorant and found it lacking, but I thought, I'll give it a whirl. Second chances and all that good stuff.

You know what they say about second chances? Ugh. While it went on easily, in it's clear glycerin glory, it was tacky. It went from tacky to sticky right quick too. I found my arms were sort of stuck to my sides. After a few hours that went away. Then I noticed a new trait to using this deodorant. I smelled. Heh. I didn't smell unscented either. I just stunk. Lovely. I used it a few more days thinking I just needed to get my body acclimated. A few smelly days. However, when date night rolled around and I found I was offending even myself, I ended up making a quick Target run and picking up my old deodorant once again. Travel-size. I'm prepared for my next trip again. 'Tom's of Maine' Unscented went right in the trash. Full-size and all.

It's a shame as I believe many of their other products are fabulous.