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May 24, 2007

Soulful Creations-Personalized Books and More!

What little kid wouldn't love a personalized book with their name, hometown, age and more incorporated into a story? Couple that with a story featuring Sesame Street characters or the Loony Tunes bunch and you have yourself one great gift idea.

Soulful Creations is quite simply a wonderful site. Not only do they have personalized books, starting at only $8.95, they have 'Picture Me' books too. Picture Me books have slots to insert your child's photos throughout the book. Now your child can really see himself as a fireman or down on the farm with the animals. It's such a cute idea. Soulful Creations will even deliver crafts for your kids right to your door each month. The prices are low, shipping is often free, and your kids or someone else will really cherish this type of present.

You can feel good about purchasing from Soulful Creations because it not only encourages reading at an early age, but they have a wonderful program called 'Give a Book'. Give a Book is not just a personalized book for the child but includes a dedication from the sponsor of the book to your child and can be to honor the memory of someone in your child's life.

Check out Soulful Creations today.