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June 1, 2007

PBLoco- The Adult Peanut Butter

PB Loco, ‘The Adult Peanut Butter’, makes the proclamation that “man was not meant to live on bread alone, or one flavor of peanut butter.” There certainly are a lot of flavors over there at PB Loco, eleven to be exact, because “one flavor is ten too few.” For every taste bud there is a flavor ranging from sweet to spicy. Peanut Butter with Asian Curry Spice? Yeah, they have that. Made from the best ingredients and without a lot of processed junk, PBLoco is not for the faint taste bud, it is for real peanut butter lovers. Being a casual peanut butter lover myself, I was intrigued to sample the best selling flavors, Raspberry White Chocolate (RWC), Dark Chocolate Duo, and Coco Banana.

I tested them out on my family and passed them around at Girls Night gauging reactions to this adult peanut butter. Here’s what I found.

Dark Chocolate Duo smells just like a fresh Reese’s Peanut Butter cup. The consistency of this flavor peanut butter is not quite as thick as your general grocer’s PB, but these peanut butters contain no trans fats. Despite not needing refrigeration I think the Dark Chocolate Duo might need to hang in the fridge. I wasn’t quite sure if I should mix it around and disturb the chocolate swirls or just dive in. I did a little of both. It’s an adventure doing this taste testing right? While I liked the dark chocolate version, I found that once it’s mixed it lost its definition in flavors. There was no distinct contrast between the chocolate and peanut butter, but there is a truly deep peanut butter flavor. I loved that. One friend said it wouldn’t work on a sandwich, but would be incredible as a dessert topping, with fruit or to bake with. People really liked Dark Chocolate Duo and it went home to a lucky five year old.

Next up, the Coco Banana. Coco Banana is for those of us who love banana-flavored food. It tastes just like banana extract with a peanut butter twist. It reminded me of banana-flavored candies from my youth. It is thicker in consistency and would be excellent in cupcakes I was told. Another friend noted, “Who needs bananas when you can use this alone on a sandwich?” While others thought it was just “too banana.”

Raspberry White Chocolate (RWC) rounded up the trio in this taste test. RWC is incredibly thick, almost chunky in texture, with dots of white chocolate sprinkled throughout. I immediately smelled the raspberry upon opening the jar. I failed however on discerning the white chocolate flavor. I found Raspberry White Chocolate to have a very buttery flavor, which I enjoyed. Everyone else who tried the RWC tasted the white chocolate so I must have some duds for taste buds. One family member proclaimed this to be the best of the bunch! It was the overall favorite of the group mainly because of it’s “complex and different” flavor. The consistency is the best too. Raspberry White Chocolate was the declared winner.

PBLoco has many types of flavors to suit all taste buds. If you aren’t into flavors, they also have the usual smooth or chunky varieties. I would be interested to try those and see how they compare to the regular off the grocer’s shelf PB’s. All the peanut butter’s sell online for $6.95 and in some local stores. There are even PBLoco cafes. The website is like a cheeky monkey with lots of fun information and PB concoctions. Already I've been told that this peanut butter makes an incredible gift.