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May 24, 2007

Another Triumph for Arbonne

ABC News in Chicago featured Arbonne this week and it can be viewed here. Success from Home is also featuring Arbonne not just because it's an incredibly company with great benefits, but because the products are just that amazing. YEAH!

Besides articles from Suzy Orman, Steve Farber etc, the magazine does a wonderful job of objectively portraying Arbonne International; the company culture, products and successful consultants. The magazine is currently available at your local newsstands; Barnes & Noble, Borders etc.

*Arbonne has over 1.3 million consultants in the US and Canada, most of them are simply consumers who only purchase their products wholesale and are not currently developing a business. Of the approximate 40,000 who ARE taking advantage of the business opportunity, in 2006 Arbonne paid out over $290 million in commissions and bonuses. WOW!