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May 23, 2007

Jonathan Product- Silky Dirt

From 'Blow Out' star and salon owner Jonathan comes a new line of products, aptly named, Jonathan. I received my wonderful full size tube (3.35 oz)of Silky Dirt in the mail and was delighted that it came with samples. I dutifully passed them around. Silky Dirt a 100% Vegan shine and define cream works on all hair types. I gave it to my friend with really curly hair and she loved it. She said it worked on curly and her straightened hair extremely well and even eliminated frizz a day later.

Being that I have baby fine hair that also tends to frizz in warm weather, I was worried. This stuff is thick. You do not need a lot of it. Only put it on the ends to the mid-length level of your hair. I mistakenly put some on top one day and it left my hair separated and unwashed looking. The first day I used it I got compliments on how smooth my hair looked. One girlfriend said, "It looks a like a different texture. What did you do differently?" I lied and said nothing. I wasn't ready to reveal my secret just yet! While I didn't see a noticeable difference in shine for my hair I did see it looking more polished and refined. Less frizz! The light vanilla scent is pleasant and the no mineral oil factor is a plus in my book. Mineral oil strips away moisture and somehow is used in MANY lotions, hair products, and skin care lines. I love how the Silky Dirt box lists all the extracts used-lemongrass for brilliance and texture, cucumber for nourishment, and sunflower for protection just to name a few.

In all, I really like Silky Dirt. It's easy to use, smells nice, and works on all types of hair. I would definitely purchase it in the future. Silky Dirt retails for $28 and can be bought here.