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May 20, 2007

Now Reviewing- Oxi Clean Spray-A-Way Instant Stain Remover

When I was a newbie parent much advice was bestowed upon me whether I wanted it or not. What type of breast pump to buy, baby food to feed, and even laundry soap to wash my precious lumpkins new clothes in. I opted out of living in Dreft land when after only one load I realized it did NOT take out any of the carrot puree smears, formula stains, or various degrees of spit up. I stuck with my regular detergent and no one got hurt. No one walked around with stained clothing either.

Why? Because I found a nice dollar store (I swear!) brand stain remover that rocks! Then the nice people at Oxi Clean sent me a freebie to try. The Oxi Clean Stain Remover (retailing at $4.99 a 14 mL bottle)was used in a little test at our house last week. I had a rather nasty stain that had gone on a few pieces of clothing. I decided to use my dollar store (totally awesome)brand against Oxi Clean's. Same fabric, same load of laundry, same type of stain. The results? Dismal for Oxi Clean's Spray-A-Way Stain Remover. It didn't even make a dent in the stain. It didn't spray on very well, rather in a fine mist that took forever to get out. It simply didn't work despite the pre-blotting, applying stain remover, and more blotting. I ended up having to spray the el cheapo stain remover on the newly laundered with Oxi Clean fabric and do the laundry all over again. Not cool in this busy household.

The verdict is in. We will stick to the economical stain remover and ditch the tiny tin of Oxi Clean right quick. Too bad too because it's miniscule size would have been nice to travel with or put in the car for those kid-related emergencies.


Ann said...

This is the best stain remover bar none!! It will take anyting out and does not leave any stains behind!! Don't know what the other person who posted was trying to get out but it has nver failed to wrk for me!!!Just wish I could find coupons for it

Stacey said...

I used Oxi Clean Spray-A-Way Instant Stain Remover to get a tiny bit of ketchup out of a white 100% cotton shirt. I totally turned the spot that I sprayed yellow. I used bleach in my white wash and it did not remove the yellow stain. I would have rather dealth with a tiny ketchup stain than a big yellow stain left by a stain remover! The shirt is ruined. I won't be using my $4.99 spray again.

Anonymous said...

I had a tiny little stain so I used Oxi Clean Spray-A-Way and it left a yellow stain on my white shirt. I will never use it again!

Anonymous said...

I also used this spray and it always leaves horrible YELLOW stains behind.

Lisa said...

Same problem - I lost several pieces of white clothing to yellow stains before realizing it was the new oxiclean I just purchased causing it. There must be some reason why it works well for some folks, and causes horrible yellow stains for other. Of course, their FAQ doesn't contain anything about the yellow stains caused by their product. :-)