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December 30, 2011

Discovery Kids Puterbugs Game

Geared for children's ages 8 and under Discovery Kids Puterbugs is designed to take kids beyond apps and playing games.  This new website teaches kids how to use technology as a tool in a healthy way. 

It works like this- there is a virtual, cowboy hat wearing teacher, "Mr. Scott",  (my daughter thinks he is hilarious) and a set of little bugs called,  'Puterbugs' for each letter on the keyboard.  It's that simple but watching my child play it showed a whole lot more.  Mr. Scott takes her on a self-guided tour of games, activities and missions on the Puterbugs site that goes with only her level of knowledge.  Everything unfolds in various ways and avenues based on her level of competency.  Games like "Frozen Pizza Pops" have her using the mouse, space bar and learning all the letters on the keyboard in no time.  While she normally plays games on other television websites it usually results in her watching videos or designing cakes and dresses.  Not collecting microchips, driving with a mouse or using learning to spell, add and work all the components at one time.  Words like 'luau' are now part of her vocabulary and list of words she can spell.  Call me happy and impressed.  I love that the site keeps her focused while building concentration. It is beyond anything I have seen her do on other websites. 

Imagine Tomorrow along with the experts at Discovery Kids (Discovery Channel) identified the 'Top 100 Tech Skills' that children should learn.  Concepts like typing, texting, swiping and more are definitely involved and used frequently in Puterbugs.  While I am still limiting her time this game is now at the top of hers and my 'favorite' list. 

MPR Rating:  Five Stars. 

Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post.  Products received are for review purposes only.  Opinions are MPR's only.