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May 18, 2011

Results from the Ice Cube Diet

Desert Labs sent me a sample of their Ice Cube Diet. In lieu of a full review this is a fun find because until the last week I was still nursing my daughter. I will update this as a review in the next few months after taking my 40-day supply ($64.95)and give you results on my weight loss, if any.

The Ice Cube Diet consists of 100% pure Hoodia. Grown in Desert Labs own fields, harvested by them and frozen in puree form it is the best way to take Hoodia. Only 5%lemon juice is mixed in to give the cubes a better flavor. The Ice Cube Diet is supposed to balance your hunger naturally by helping you to eat less and stop cravings. Each cube consists of raw Hoodia that has been frozen within 24 hours of harvest. No stimulants are added to the cubes. You take 3000 mg each day and are supposed to watch the weight fall off with no side effects.

Stay tuned....