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April 4, 2011

Fun Find- Arbonne Triple Mascara

I've long been a fan of Arbonne products. It was one of the first things I reviewed and it saved my face- literally after the birth of my first child.  For months I had break outs, dry spots, you name it.  Testing the RE9 Skincare line from Arbonne was a true complexion saver.  My skin never looked so good. Even my mother said so!  The newest product is Arbonne's Triple Mascara. 

Enhanced, Botanically Based Formulation Volumizes, Lengthens and Defines Lashes.   A new, reformulated Triple Action Mascara. Created from an entirely updated botanical ingredient profile, the new mascara delivers thick, long and defined lashes, while resisting smudging.

"From teens to women 65 and older, mascara remains the number one product in the daily makeup repertoire," said Dr. Peter Matravers, Sr. Vice President of Product Development for Arbonne. "Our new mascara addresses some of the main concerns of daily wearers by maximizing volume and enhancing length. The new botanically based ingredients include fortifying conditioners to enrich moisture content and boost the overall look and feel of the lashes."

Arbonne's new Triple Action Mascara has a glamour enhancing extra-large brush to ensure complete coverage for defined lashes that can be achieved in just seconds.  The Triple Action Mascara is vegan certified, formulated without gluten, ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact lens wearers. All Arbonne products are pure, safe and beneficial.  Made from key ingredients like gogi extract, beet root extract, algae, thyme and more the Triple Action Mascara can be purchased online and through me.  So shoot me an email if you are interested in trying it.  There is a 100% 45-day guarantee too.


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