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April 1, 2011


Created by Danish scientist Jens Erik Hansen, Eco Clean products are made up of AEB (Active Eco Boost),a natural amino acid derivative. AEB breaks down dirt and keeps it suspended in the solution, enhancing the cleaning properties while minimizing skin irritations. AEB is included in all the following liquid Eco Clean products: All Purpose Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Dish Wash, Glass Cleaner, Hand Wash and Kitchen Counter Top Cleaner.

What I love about Eco Clean is that the natural part of it comes from sugar based surfactants while the fragrances are derived from essential oils like mint, lavender and orange rosemary.  Non-toxic and biodegradable these cleaners are also allergy safe.  The option to have a foam spray relieves allergy sufferers from possible vapors that could irritate them further.  That is great for me and my sensitive sinuses.  It won't bother your skin if the cleaners come into contact with you either.  It is ideal when you have kids or pets in a household.

I received a bottle of the Kitchen Counter Top Cleaner (16.9 oz), Hand Wash (8.5) and Toilet Cleaner (16.9 oz).  Here is what I found.

The Kitchen Counter Top Cleaner has that wonderful foam spray option that shoots pretty far.  The orange rosemary scent is soft and not overpowering.  My house smelled fantastic after just cleaning my counter tops and kitchen table.  The cleaner took off grease spots with ease but I had to spray dried yogurt twice to get it off the kitchen table.  My counters were left clean, sweet smelling and with no trace of dirt or grime.  Love it!  I just wish it was in a larger size.  It tends to go pretty quick. 

The same goes for the Toilet Cleaner in cool mint scent.  The squeezable bottle is small and the cleaner comes out fast!  I went through a quarter of the bottle with just one toilet. That was disappointing.  After using it on all three of my toilets half the bottle was gone.  It smells fantastic and ultra clean.  It seems like it is part liquid and part gel in consistency and sticks to the basin of the toilet but not for a long period of time.  I am particularly careful about cleaning my toilets with natural cleaners as so much of it gets flushed down so many times a day.  I don't want to add more chemicals to the earth.  I swear the bowl looked whiter after a cleaning and it stayed cleaner longer too.  I just wish the bottle didn't pour out so much at once or had a leaking cap. 

The citrus scented Grapefruit Lemon hand wash is a nice generous size. It lasts for a very long time.  I love how clean it smells each time I use it while not drying out my hands.  It is easy to pump and my kids use it too.  I think it is a good find.

Paraben-free and not tested on animals Eco Clean products are available at on,, Duane Reede, and  I love that all the products are $4.99 too. One price for all is nice. 

MPR Rating: Three Stars.

Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post.  All products received are for review and test purposes only.  Opinions are MPR's only.