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January 7, 2011

TLC's Four Weddings Recap

The hour long wedding game, Four Weddings is back! Four brides, four weddings and a whole lot of judging around the dress, food and venue is about to begin! This episode features the weddings of Kitty, Kally, Danielle and Dawn.

We start with Kally’s wedding and its 60k budget. A beautiful Greek Orthodox ceremony that just happens to take place near a train station. The train runs by eight times throughout the nuptials. The girls quickly grow bored, as they understand none of the ceremony. They do love Kally's classic gown though. At the reception, they are greeted by a cocktail hour complete with a roasted pig wearing sunglasses and clenching a cigar, which totally turns them off. The dinner’s lobster bisque with a tiny lobster poking out of the bread bowl freaks them all out as well with Danielle repeatedly saying, "This is me can'ting!". The overall scores are a 7, 7 and a 6.

Our second stop is sentimental Kitty who is about to marry Walter in Long Island. With 420 guests is it a big to do. Her aunt made her dress, she is wearing her mother’s veil and she has even recorded a song that will be played while she walks down the aisle. The venue is elegant to the other women but it quickly becomes clear that despite an emotional ceremony the venue cannot accommodate 400 plus guests in a timely manner. The lines for cocktail hour are long. Food is not plentiful and no one is happy. Kitty garners scores of 6, 3 and 4.

Next we head to Danielle’s princess fantasy wedding located at a New Jersey winery. An intimate affair there is about 80 guests in the outdoor, tented ceremony. Danielle quickly loses points for having her runner not ready when needed. No one wants to see the staff use tape and scissors just before the bride heads down the aisle. Despite her glass slippers, Danielle’s dress fails to wow the women as well. Her cocktail hour is outdoors with food deemed boring, a fruit fly invasion and chilly temps too. This does not bode well for Danielle and her dream honeymoon. They do however, like her fruit and flower centerpieces and décor. Her scores are 7, 5, and 6.

Last, we visit Dawn’s wedding- a winter wonderland. Blue lighting, birch trees and white twinkling lights are everywhere and the theme is a success. Her dress is beautiful but perhaps average for the three judges and they do not like how lightly Dawn and her fiancé take their vows. While they loved her choreographed first dance, they do not like the gum chewing the bride and groom showcase with their fancy footwork. The food is described as “bland, wedding food”. The girls quickly became bored with the fist-pumping Jersey Shore style music and Dawn ends up with the scores 6, 5 and 5.

Finally the women are together again in a mansion in New York awaiting the winning news. Who will be chosen to go on their dream honeymoon? Will it be Dawn and her winter wonderland or Danielle and her glass slippers? Will Kitty’s sentimental but large wedding win out over Kally’s traditionally Greek affair? The limo arrives and in walks Walter, Kitty’s husband with a bouquet of flowers to deliver the news. They have won a trip to Sicily! The women are shocked all around. Danielle the most who does not feel she deserved to lose at all but especially to Kitty.

Tune in next week for more judgey drama and four new brides!


sdlewis12 said...

I never, ever blog, but Danielle, was just unreal to me, her dress, horrible, her venue, okay and her food-simple, she was so judgemental of Kitty, honestly of all the shows i've watched these were by far the most comparable weddings, they all were cute, but none of them were over the top, Congrats Kitty, and to think some of them gave you a 3 and a 4 out of 10, shame on you ladies!!!

sdlewis12 said...

Congrats Kitty, and to think you were given a 3 and a 4 out of 10, shame on you ladies!!! Danielle, your dress-plain, your venue-cold and let's not forget the scotch tape on the floor, and your food-seemed to be a home-run, but very ugly comments, you easily lost to everyone, not just Kitty.

Candace said...

I was really shocked at how Danielle was acting. She just appeared to be a very catty, superficial and insecure person. Yes I get that this is a contest and they are judging each other but a lot of Danielle's comments were inappropriate. She would have understood if she had lost to the other girls but to "someone like Kitty" she was speechless. It's really sad that women are reduced to so little. Why can't women be supportive of each other, embrace and encourage each others differences. We need more shows that bring women together in an environment of love and growth instead of setting them against one another!

belle said...

How do I find specific things that were on the episodes? I am specifically interested in the 'movie on paper' and 'the newlywed game'