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January 7, 2011

Say Yes to the Dress Recap

 (Season 6, Ep.1)

The Kleinfeld crew is back for another season with more dresses and even more brides. This week we meet Kristy, Laura and Donna.

Kristy says she wants a “piratey” dress, one that will “explode” for her island nuptials. With what cannon fire? Randy, Kleinfeld Fashion Director, states that 80% of brides choose the first dress they try. This baffles me. I know I tried on numerous dresses in various styles before finding “the dress”. I cannot plunk down a grand or more without knowing my options, that is just me. Each dress she tries, including the first, a fitted bodice with a waterfall skirt does not have enough of the exploding factor for her friends taste. Debbie, the Kleinfeld consultant, tries to keep her cool and succeeds as she diplomatically assists Kristy into standing her ground. In the end, despite her friend’s protests that she might regret choosing the first dress she tried on, Kristy goes for it with gusto. She is supremely happy with her choice and thinks the style has just enough walk the plank style to do her affair justice.

Our second bride is granddaughter to a chicken plucker Laura. Pay close attention to this detail. Much to do is made about feathers during Laura's segment. Her father whom she dragged out of the garden just prior to heading into Kleinfeld’s will tell her she needs a dress with feathers to represent her heritage more than once. The staff takes it even further by having Laura try on a feather-bedecked gown that includes a feathery turban with um, flaps. Yeah, you read that right. Flaps. She winds up looking like a Muppet. Laura wants a dress with modern style and it has to be “hot”. She does not want to wear her mother’s wedding dress and accept the few grand in cash that her father has promised if she wears the circa 1980s dress. Her first dress a fitted, ruched strapless number with a train does the trick but not before she tries on a simple satin one that is elegant and classy with some sex appeal. Her father tells her it makes her look like a nun. The man will say anything to get her into her Mom’s dress. The third, a ruffled gown with a “flaccid” flower is a no go for everyone in her entourage. Laura chooses dress number one, Randy, and Jessica, her consultant; find a veil with a touch of feathers to complete the look. The family tears up, her father’s face turns red with emotion as he stands beside his daughter and we fade out.

Bride three, aka Donna, is an older bride. Who really wants to be forever young. Having met her fianc√© at their 40th high school reunion, she enters Kleinfeld with her bridesmaids. Her dress has been chosen and delivered. It’s fittin’ time! Her friends are atwitter about the surprise dress but knowing how over the top Donna is they are ready for something big. Donna delivers. Can you say pink? This dress is a confection. Full of tulle, the Pnina Tornai creation is jewel encrusted and looks like something my five-year-old would choose when cracked out from a sugar high. But hey, I am not the bride. She loves it. It is her and her friends totally agree. Even if the tailor had to alter the see-through design to cover up Donnas’ ahem, “butterfly” because yes, it was that revealing down the front.

Tune in next week for more tulle, more drama and yes, more dresses.