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December 6, 2010

LifeShield Home Security System

Ever since my husband went off to Iraq in 2003 I have had a security system in each home we have lived in. Depending on where we live I have also used different types of systems as well as providers.  I was really intrigued when LifeShield proposed the idea of reviewing their "plug and play" security system. It is touted as a highly sophisticated, “plug and play”, do-it-yourself, wireless system that is revolutionizing the home security industry. So does it?

LifeShield is completely wireless and do-it-yourself.  The kit itself arrived in a box no bigger than one would find a pair of mid-calf boots.  The first thing I thought about was how great this security system would be for renters.  Since it isn't hardwired you can take it with you when you move and install it in your new apartment or home.  Great for military families as well! LifeShield also offers Wi-Fi cameras which is good if you have a child that comes home before you do each day.  The cameras enable you to see your child walk through the front door and they can also notify you if a scheduled event doesn’t occur. If your child does not arrive home at the expected time, the system will alert you via text message. The system can even be used as a baby monitor.  There are mobile and email alerts so you can monitor your property from anywhere. 

One of the nice things about LifeShield is that there is no contract.  For a basic system with 8 sensors it is about $300 up front and about $30 a month for monitoring, which is a fairly standard industry price.  No multi-year contracts is wonderful too.  The basic system also includes two keypads, a console, grid extendor, and keychain remote.  You can purchase additional equipment if you need or want to.  After you install it (no drilling needed!) you simply call LifeShield and it will begin monitoring your home. 

Some of the things I liked about LifeShield and their system is that it really is one of the most sophisticated wireless home security systems available.  There's no hard wiring involved and you can monitor your home or property through the web or phone.  It gives real peace of mind and is quite practical.  Incidentally, monitoring is actually done by Guardian Protection Service.  And they provide those handy window stickers and yard signs that let people know you have an alarm system for your home or property.  That to me is half the battle right there.  A 30-day risk free guarantee is also available. 

LifeShield is offering my readers a nice deal when you visit their site and enter the promo code- momdeal50

MPR Rating:  Three Stars.

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