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October 25, 2010

Wendy's You Pick 2 Menu & Blogger Lunch

TheMotherhood and Wendy's asked me if I would like to have lunch with a bunch of other DC bloggers (yeah! lunch with girlfriends!), try out their new 'You Pick 2' menu ($4.99) and tell them what I think. 

First, there are over 28 combinations to choose from when you decide to go the 'You Pick 2' route.  It was a bit daunting and it took me a bit to mull things over.  There are four salads- The BLT Cobb, The Spicy Chicken Caesar, Apple Pecan Chicken and the Baja.  These are half-size versions of Wendy's Garden Sensation salads. From there you can choose a classic frosty, Dasani water, a Coke, Chicken Wrap Sandwich, Baked Potato, Jr. Burger, Chili or Chili & Chips.  I ended up with the Baked Potato (sour cream and butter on the side) and the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad.  Throwing in a bottle of water totaled it to less than $7 which wasn't a bad price.  I was surprised and pleased at how reasonable the portions were too.  The salad wasn't too big or overly stuffed with "filler" lettuce. A good-sized grilled chicken breast was placed on top and my pecans and Pomegranate Vinaigrette dressing were on the side.  Blue Cheese, apples and cranberries filled out the remainder of the dish.  All combined I felt satisfied and not like I loaded up on heavy, fattening fast food.  Nearby I watched as my friends tried the Baja Salad and Spicy Caesar. I seemed to be the only one who didn't give in to the Frosty.  Maybe it's the baby weight I'm trying to lose but I was close.  I love a good chocolate Frosty.

(After. I ate it all!)
I am not a big fast food eater but I would go back and order from the 'Wendy's You Pick 2' menu again.  It has many options and is priced right.  The selection makes it easy to choose healthier alternatives but still get that small Frosty or soda if you want to indulge. 

MPR Rating: Four Stars.

Disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by TheMotherhood and Wendy's.  I received gift cards towards purchasing my meal and a friends as well as payment.  Opinions are MPR's only and are not swayed by sponsorship.