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October 26, 2010

The Next Step in Glasses and Online Shopping?

I am long overdue for my yearly eye exam.  Last time I went I not only bought new contact lenses due to a prescription change but a brand new pair of eyeglasses.  I couldn't resist and truthfully the last time I had purchased a pair of prescription glasses was back in 2006 so it was a long time in coming.  However, when you are pregnant your eyesight can change and going to the eye doctor for a check up isn't fruitful if your eyes are going to change again in a few months when you are no longer pregnant.  Trust me, I have three kids and a whole lot of experience on this subject.

Now, two months post-birth of my last child I am ready to head back to the doctor.  I might need a new prescription and a new pair of glasses.  Again.  If I do I probably won't order them from the eye shop this time but instead try for an online pair.  I know.  Who orders glasses online

Me. I might.  I order contacts online so why not glasses?  I don't wear them that often.  Basically, from bathroom to bed or if my eyes are really bothering me from allergies which is about two times a year.  Glasses online just seems like an easy, not taking three kids to the eye doctor way to go.  It also saves me money on a babysitter. Heh. 

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