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October 1, 2010

Fun Find- Printoons

Thomas Nelson publishing has created some crafty paint kits called, Printoons ($7.99).  These sets come with an activity book, marker and set of ink pads in a rainbow of colors.  Geared for ages five and up each kit tells a biblical story like Noah's Ark.  We received a set and enjoyed hours of imaginative play with it.

Printoons is unlike any other craft kit we have encountered.  By using the ink pad children can create and add to drawings within the activity book by using their fingerprints.  They can add to the drawing with the marker that is included too. It's quite fun and my four year-old loved creating animals on the ark and drawing pictures of Noah as we read through the book.  Bigger sets like Princesses are available too. 

Printoons are available through, Barnes & Noble and Borders