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September 24, 2010

Rock 'N' Learn Educational DVD

For over 23 years Rock 'N' Learn has been creating great musical and educational videos and DVDs for kids.  Their latest creation is Phonics volume I & II ($19.99 each).  Here's a little bit about the two volumes (Volume I deals with short vowel sounds, consonants and phonic awareness while Volume II sets the scene for long vowels, syllables, rule breakers and combining consonants.)

"Rock ‘N Learn Phonics DVD and audio CD programs provide an easy and fun way to learn the phonics skills that lead to reading and spelling success. Catchy songs and rhymes help students remember basic phonics rules, vowels, consonants, blends, digraphs, silent e, and much more. Delayed answers and the on-screen mouth (Phonics videos) allow learners to check their progress and use these programs independently. Our new Phonics Volume 1 and Phonics Volume 2 DVDs have been improved in two ways: much better animation and a lot more content to help students become confident readers. Students practice reading sentences and stories to apply the rules they have learned. These phonics video programs now have fun characters, sentence practice, read-along stories, and exercises to boost fluency."

As soon as I popped in the first DVD, Phonics Volume I, my four year-old daughter came running over to see what the music was all about.  She is in her last year of preschool and even though the year has just begun I want to start getting her ready for kindergarten.  This DVD brings phonics to life for her.  Learning phonics is the backbone to reading and spelling.  I remember it was also my favorite class when I was in school.  The animation is bright, lively and fun. The music grabs a kids attention and holds on to it as it continuously changes and flows from one sound structure to the next.  Geared for ages six and up and 70 minutes long it was advanced for my child but she enjoyed watching it and held onto some of the information quickly.  It is a start and one that we will keep practicing in addition to the workbooks we already have on hand Rock 'N' Learn Phonics gives us a balanced start that I highly recommend.

Rock 'N' Learn Phonics Volume I & II and other R'n'L DVDs are available online and at Barnes & Noble's nationwide.  Math skills, science, language and more are also available in this fine collection.