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September 2, 2010

Go Local- Plum District Has Deals for Everyone!

It's official! Plum District's first DC deal has begun just in time for back to school deals and the fall!   So what is Plum District?  It's all about daily deals that help you, the busy woman that you are, save money for you, your family and everything in between.  Quite frankly, it's fabulous!  It's all about what you buy the most.  All you need to do is subscribe, buy and send on to friends for even more deals.  You'll receive $10 Plum Dollars each time they buy.  Here's how it works in detail.  Not in DC?  Don't worry. There are 24 other areas that Plum Districts applies including, Chicago, New York, San Diego and Everywhere. 

For example the DC Plum District site recently offered deals on Talk of the Town is offering 57% off a moonbounce rental.  What is normally $175 is now $75!!  How cool is that?  There are Wolf Trap discounts, Rodman's grocery store discounts (gift cards at 30% off!), 50% off Organic skincare products from Green and Chic.  There's loads more too, including Fandango discounts!  Check it out today!  There's even an iphone app.  I love how even though I do the DC local site the 'Everywhere' deals are right there in the sidebar for me to view easily.  You can also give Plum District as a gift to someone or feature your business on their site.  It's really simple to use and fun. 

Additionally, if anyone who has an idea for a DC deal they'd like Plum District to get should follow them on Twitter (@PlumDistrictDC) and use #SuggestADeal or @reply. Or Like us on Facebook to do the same.

MPR Rating:  Five Stars.

Disclaimer:  MPR was given Plum Dollars to test out the website. No other payment was received. Opinions are MPR's only.