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August 30, 2010

Moon Dough- Magical Molding Dough

Spin Master toys presents Magical Moon Dough a molding dough that never dries out.  It's wheat-free, hypo-allergenic and it is for ages three and up.  We received our Farm set as part of a Team Mom review. There are two other sets available- Puppies featuring a dog house and Diner where kids can create fast food items out of the moon dough.

Our Moon Dough kit ($19.99) included one molding barn base with a ramp and handle to crank out the farm animal molds- a chicken, cow and sheep plus a fence mold and hay mold.  There were three dough colors in our set- blue, yellow and white as well as a plastic playmat to offset the farm scene.  My four year-old was immediately interested in the brightly colored play set and she loves other molding clays so she couldn't wait to attack this set.  The first thing we noticed is that the moon dough texture takes a bit to get used to. It may not dry out but it is crumbly coming out of the package. If the bag falls on the floor like it did with us it goes everywhere creating quite a mess.  It also sticks to clothes and hands, which I found irritating, but she didn't seem to notice.  I suggest wearing a smock to play with this stuff.    While I found the moon dough to be interesting in concept and messy. My kid loved it.  She liked cranking out the animal molds and watching them slide out of the barn.  Once she created the animals she had a whole set to play with and used it like she would a plastic farm set of toys creating scenarios for the animals to play in.  It held her interest longer than Play-doh does because she could create all these characters with an incredibly light, very easy to mold dough.  The crank handle was not hard to use and the animals popped right out and didn't stick to anything on the way out.  This made play time tantrum free, which I was grateful for as well. 

MPR Rating:  Three Stars (from Mom), Four Stars (from the kid).

Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post.  All products received are for testing purposes only.  Opinions are MPR's only.