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June 18, 2010

Mother Daze by Christine Carr

Author Christine Carr is a fellow Rhode Islander like myself and I will admit that it did sway me into initially saying yes and reviewing her book, 'Mother Daze- Tales from the Imperfect Playground.'  The mother of three and a P.E. teacher Carr has lots of experience with children.  She knows all about the juggle, the unconditional love and the support we mothers all need. That is precisely what this book is about too. 

For me, reading 'Mother Daze' could not have come at a better time.  Just two months shy from having my third child I am exhausted to the point of tears and wondering how in the world to go about each and every day.  This book helped me put things in perspective a bit and laugh while I read it.  As Carr states, "this book is a complete high five to women for all they miraculously manage to get done -- every day!!"  I think I needed help recognizing that at this point and that, I am not alone in the joys and struggles that make up motherhood each and every day. 

Chapters like, 'Equal Time', 'Just Ducky' and 'Cherish Your Mother' offer well-rounded views on everything from finding the balance once your child arrives to handling the daily juggle with a better but realistic mind-set and knowing just how much our mothers loved and sacrificed for us come shining through with this book.  I particularly enjoyed the personal details Carr added about her own childhood and family relationships that were sprinkled throughout the book. It is loaded with sound "girlfriend-like" advice and humor too.  I came away from reading various pages and even whole chapters feeling as if I had just spent time with a friend who was only there to listen and tell me it would all be OK and that I would get through this rough patch.

'Mother Daze' is a quick read that I highly recommend. It's not preachy or too light on the content. It's just good sound advice that doesn't feel come across as advice at all.  It's all about how we, as women, are all in this journey together.  This book makes a great gift for a friend who has one child or many.  After finishing this book, I can only add that I'm relieved and glad to know Carr is a fellow Rhode Islander that I can vouch for and that this book is honestly a good read.   'Mother Daze' is available at Amazon, Barnes& and

MPR Rating: Five Stars.

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