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January 29, 2010

Sniffle Buddies this Cold/Flu Season!

It's cold and flu season and if you have kids then I'm quite sure you have seen them wiping their leaking noses across the sleeve of their shirt more than once.  I know I have.  Lucky that I review products and was sent two Sniffle Buddies. One for me in an adult size and one for my four year-old in a child's size.  Sniffle Buddies are are a more sanitary, eco-friendly solution to sleeves and tissues and they work wonders when you are outside.  Quite literally it is a "buddy to catch their sniffles". 

I stuck one on my child's wrist ($9.99) before she went out to play and she began using it right away. In fact, she loved it!  She kept asking to use it after that first time.  Made from bamboo and organic cotton the fabric cover is over a not-too-tight, not-too-loose elastic with a velcro closure.  It's anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, easy to remove for an adult and completely machine washable. Did I mention that the Sniffle Buddie is also super soft? It's like wiping your nose with cashmere.  It's absorbent too.  The Sniffle Buddie let my kid play to her hearts content and she didn't have to reach for a tissue.  No redness occurred under her nose from irritation either.  I know what you are thinking though- "Great!  My kid won't use a tissue and will use his/her sleeve now instead!"  Not so.  I simply told her that it was not a tissue replacement and her sleeve was never to be used when the Sniffle Buddie is in place.  She figured it out and still uses tissues and not her sleeve.  She puts it on herself now too when she needs it as well.

I used the adult-sized Sniffle Buddie ($10.99) this fall and winter when I went running outdoors. It was perfect!  I would run a mile or so and get a runny nose. Instead of fumbling for a tissue in my waist-pack or jacket pocket I simply swiped my nose across the Sniffle Buddie I had on my wrist.  It looks like a sweatband and no one was the wiser. 

Sniffle Buddies are available online at the company website and they come in a variety of colors too.  Sniffle Buddies was created by a mother of two and a runner so you know that the product does the job. 

MPR Rating: Five Stars. 

Disclaimer:  No payment was received for this post.  Opinions are solely my own.