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January 4, 2010

Rosetta Stone Lanuage Learning System

The Rosetta Stone Language Learning System is everywhere. You see the commercials on TV, the ads in magazines and chances are your local mall has a Rosetta Stone kiosk in it. Am I right? They make it sound so easy to learn another language. I tested the French version of Rosetta Stone and found the following.

Rosetta Stone uses the technique of Dynamic Immersion, which is the process of using images, intuition, interactivity, instruction and immersion to learn a language. My high school French teacher always said that immersion was the best way to learn a language. Each time I went to Quebec or France I have found this to be true. When you hear nothing else but that language all around you your brain begins to process and decipher it like it is cracking a code. After a while, you can understand key parts to conversations and sentences and work from there. Hearing the native tongue correctly pronounce the words is also key to learning the Rosetta way.

Each language set (there are more than 30 languages to choose from) comes with a headset with a microphone, levels 1, 2, and 3 of the interactive software, and an Audio Companion for a CD or MP3 player ($539). All of these items combined together help you build a solid foundation of the core vocabulary for that particular language. Once you have those fundamentals and structure in place, you can interact with others in that language. Rosetta Stone is great product for anyone who wants to learn a new language for business purposes, travel or for furthering their education.

I found that it really is intuitive learning. By using images, seeing the words and hearing the native tongue I was able to correctly identify the pictures with the words quite fast. I surprised even myself. Especially since they were words, I did not already know. Despite stumbling at some points, I wanted to continue because this Dynamic Immersion technique was really working. I could not wait to learn more.

The Rosetta Stone Language Learning System is a bit steep in price. Purchasing a package makes it cheaper, but you might want to tell yourself that you are investing in furthering your education or have this as a job write-off to soften the blow to your wallet. You get what you pay for though and after using many other language-learning systems, I have found that Rosetta Stone is the only one that shows results as fast or ones that acutally stick. Test drive it yourself right here.

MPR Rating:  Four Stars. 

Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this posting. Products were received and kept for testing purposes. The opinions in this review are solely my own.