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December 14, 2009

Hershey Lodge for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and many of you will be traveling to see friends and family. You might even be wishing for a getaway for you and the whole family. Why not check out the Hershey Lodge and nearby Hershey Park. Despite the colder temperatures, it is a perfect time to check out the park and all that the town of Hershey has to offer.

When we stayed at the Lodge this past August we found it to be one of the most family-friendly hotels we have used. Check-in was easy and entertaining. While I checked in the family, my oldest went through the kid check-in nearby. She guessed how much candy was in a set of jars; she picked up a welcome coloring book and got an ID badge. She even met the Peppermint Patty! Right from the start the staff was friendly, informative and seemed genuinely happy at having us stay there.

Upon arriving at our two queen bedroom, complete with Kiss sheets and wallpaper, I noticed we needed a pack-n-play for our infant. I called down and in less than five minutes it arrived, was set up where I needed it and the task was complete. It was so fast and simply amazing. That is how service is supposed to be. Later that weekend when our three-year-old would lock us all out of the bathroom, maintenance came on a busy Sunday morning in almost as quick of a time. We could not have asked for better service. The room and bathroom was always clean, room service was timely and the food was good. The television has a wide variety of kid’s channels and there is ample space in the double closet and dresser for a family of four. I thought we might be packed in tight, especially with a pack 'n' play, but we were not. The rooms are a generous size in the Lodge Tower and we had a nice view of the pool too.

It was not just the impeccable service, Hershey bars at arrival, kid's check-in or the fast and tasty room service that made our trip so wonderful, it was also the little touches. I wondered aloud in the Cocoa Beanery, the hotel coffee bar, what a certain drink tasted like and the barista simply made one for me and handed it over to taste. I stood there amazed for a moment before taking a sip. The little store in the hotel even sold baby food. It was instances and touches like those that made the trip fun, effortless and relaxing. You can try to pack and plan all you want but sometimes traveling alone or with kids can be fraught with pitfalls and result into one chaotic mess. Our family trip to Hershey Park and our stay at the Hershey Lodge was definitely not that way. It was a pleasure from arrival to check-out, even with a trip to the Emergency room.

MPR Rating: Five stars.

Disclaimer: The opinions above are solely my own. While this is not a sponsored post, my stay at Hershey Park and Lodge was provided for by Hershey Resorts.