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December 18, 2009

Fun Find- The Art of Overeating

"A bellyful of laughs about our food phobic culture."  The Art of Overeating ($9.95) by Leslie Landis is not a diet book.  In fact, in an interview Landis stated, "read this book, then do the opposite of everything it says." and to use it "only if you want to weight 900 lbs." 

Landis a clinical psychologist wants Americans to use humor to combat their food issues.  If we can find the funny in our bad eating habits the perhaps we can figure out how to eat healthier too.  Loaded like a baked potato, this book is full of informative food facts that are interesting too.  This is a great book to get for yourself or a friend or family member who is sick of the usual diet books and fat phobias and those who like a bit of common sense with their fries.

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