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December 14, 2009

Arm & Hammer Kids Spinbrush

Just like adults, kids can now own a Spinbrush toothbrush ($5.29-6.99) from Arm & Hammer.  Geared for age's three to eleven the wide handle makes for easy gripping and better control while they are brushing.  The small, circular spin brush at the top of this fun toothbrush will have them brushing 38% longer.  That same smaller brush head is also better sized for a child's mouth too.

I have one word for this battery-operated toothbrush (2 AAA batteries), enchanting.  My daughter took one look at the butterfly handle in its pink and lavender hues and couldn't wait to get her hands on it.  While her usual character-driven toothbrush is fun it doesn't have the chunky handle with a butterfly, a fun button to push or spinbrush to tickle her teeth.  "It's like being at the dentist!" she said.  It's true; the tiny spinbrush is like the small one they use at her dentist.  I use an electric brush that is circular as well so felt "just like Mommy" too.  I use this type of toothbrush because it gets my teeth cleaner than a manual demolishing plaque better than other regular toothbrushes.  I'm more than happy to pay a bit more for a Spinbrush for Kids if it will do the same thing. 

Arm & Hammer's Spinbrush for Kids comes in a variety of characters, including Marvel Heroes and Pikachu.  It's available at many grocery stores, big box discount retailers, CVS and online at

MPR Rating:  Four Stars.

Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this posting. Products were received and kept for testing purposes. The opinions in this review are solely my own.