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November 16, 2009

The Star Guide

Five Stars, Four Stars, Three Stars- what does it all mean? Here's a guide to MPR's star system.

Five Stars- Fantastic! We/I Loved it! Can't say enough about it! A five star review could consist of all or a few of these factors. High quality product, good value in price and hard-pressed to find any flaws in it. Everyone involved in the testing process loved the product.

Four Stars- Great quality and good value typically. However, the price might be a bit steep for the product or it may be a hard to obtain item as well. The item tested is good but could use a tiny bit of improvement or didn't test high with all those who reviewed it.

Three Stars- Average. Item does not stand out from the crowd. Other items have been found that perform/taste/wear better or are a better price for better quality. There are also others products on the market that are below it in standards thus elevating its ranking.

Two Stars- Below Average. A disappointing product that could be great in theory but usually doesn't test well due to quality, ease of use and/or taste/wear of item.

One Star- We are trying to be nice here. We are giving you a star but this product has no redeemable value to anyone who tested it.

All MPR products are tested by me personally as well as my family, friends, other bloggers and even the random neighborhood kid or pet if needed. I write honest reviews that are not based on a relationship with a company or on compensation. My disclaimer is below.