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October 19, 2009

Yoplait Delights

Recently I spoke with the Food Networks Aida Mollenkamp about Yoplait's newest treat, Yoplait Delights. Rich, creamy and only 100 calories these little snack packs are sweet parfaits that are perfect pick me ups.

I tried out all four flavors (Triple Berry Creme, Lemon Torte, Chocolate Raspberry and Creme Caramel) with my family and was actually surprised. I was expecting a weird texture, strange after taste or bad artificial flavor in general. Most low-calorie snacks have at least one of these. I found none of those with Yoplait Delights. My oldest daughter immediately took to them. They are sweet, pretty and a dessert for her. What four year old would pass that up? The fact that she likes yogurt as one of her favorite foods already put Yoplait Delights in her biased little corner. I'm a tougher sell as is my husband.

First, I talked with Aida of 'Ask Aida' who naturally agreed about how great these little treats are especially for the a mid-day snack. The Delights were created with just this idea in mind. Yogurt is a great afternoon energy booster. It's better to snack on something low calorie and great tasting versus noshing on a pack of cookies or chips. The Delights being 100 calories a pack are a great way to get a boost and satisfy that sweet tooth craving.

I really loved the Lemon Torte and Creme Caramel. They were smooth, creamy and deliciously thick. I savored each one and was happy to know that they are readily available at my local grocery store and only $2.99 for a pack of four. While I always prefer to go natural when I can the Yoplait Delights are one of the best tasting low calorie snacks I have tried in a very long time. I don't mind indulging in them or allowing my family to do so as well.

MPR Rating: Four Stars.