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October 26, 2009

Team Mom- Consumer Reports Best Baby Products Giveaway!

"Breast is best." That's the mantra. However, as a mother of two who has gone both the breast and formula route I know that formula can be EXPENSIVE! However, be it medication, low milk production, needing to supplement or not being able to pump at work (don't get me started.) it’s important for new moms to know that they can get the best value for their money, while also safeguarding baby’s health while giving them what they need.

The 10th edition Consumer Reports Best Baby Products, store-brand infant formula is as nutritious for babies as nationally advertised brands. Moms can save up to 50% of their money by using store brand formula. It's true- $27 for Enfamil. $14 for the store brand. I've priced it out all over from Target to Wegmans.

As of the month of October, Women, Infants and Children (WIC) has designed an initiative to promote breastfeeding. This will reduce infant-formula subsidies by up to 26%. Parents who previously had most of their formula paid for by WIC may now have to purchase formula on their own. To help spread the word, PBM Products, which makes store-brand formula, is offering a free copy of the 368-page Consumer Reports Best Baby Products ($16.95) and some coupons for purchases at Walgreens, Babies “R” Us, Kroger and MANY other leading stores where store brand formula is sold.

Enter to win the book! It's easy- just comment below and I'll choose a winner at random on October 30, 2009.


Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...

Oh I'd love to win this right now. It would be perfect timing. There are a few products I need to research before baby #2 arrives.