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September 4, 2009

Michael Buble Meets Madison Square Garden

Six years, 40 countries, and a trip down memory lane that all leads to one night. Michael Buble Meets Madison Square Garden is a combination CD/DVD ($24.98) full of songs, bonus material and more. The more portion is a great backstage look at Michael, his crew and everything that goes into the making of this one big night, his December 5, 2008 concert at the Garden. There are 10 songs in this package and the whole thing is full of Buble's swagger, charm and infectious appeal.

I'm giving away FIVE copies to FIVE lucky MPR readers! All you have to do is check out my blog, The Mummy Chronicles, follow it and then comment here afterwards. I'll pick five winners at random on Friday, September 11. Good Luck!

MPR Rating: Four Stars.


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Clueless_Mama said...

I follow your blog! I love Michael Buble. Thanks

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I love Buble... and I follow you now! Love the website!

Julie said...

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